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Why Aura?
Ethnic ayurvedic treatment at a very cost effective prize
Lifestyle, nutrition and stress management solutions
Equipped with state of the art facilities and beautiful ambience
Located in heart of Sharjah city on an easily accessible King Faisal street
Separate facilities for male and female patients
Arrangement for hotel stay and food at prior request
Reimbursement can be claimed from major insurance companies(please check with your insurance provider, if your package covers alternative medicine)

Aura Alternative Medical center is an ayurvedic center which gives an ancient time tested ayurvedic healing. It is a novel concept where alternative and holistic approaches are clubbed scientifically to improve one's health status. We strive towards treating various diseases, as well as we provide lifestyle and nutrition solutions to keep optimum health.

Benefits of our treatments and therapies include but not limited treating disease from the root cause, increasiccng immunity, relieving aches and pain, stimulating the nerves, strengthening the body, weight reduction, improving blood circulation, rejuvenating the whole body, increasing tissue strength, beautifying skin and hair, and delaying ageing.


DR. Mamta S. Radder

B.A.M.S, Diploma in yoga studies

Dr. Tehsin Malik

B.A.M.S., PG. Dip. Promotive and
Preventive health

Art facilities and beautiful ambience
Located in heart of Sharjah city
Lifestyle & nutrition
Very cost effective Treatment
Arrangement for hotel stay and food